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    We use only high quality parts backed by a manufacturer's warranty and we will make available your replaced parts for your inspection

    Why Us?

    People come to Automotive Solutions Greerton knowing that they are going to get their vehicles repaired at a fair price as quickly as possible and with a 12 Months New Parts and Labour Guarantee

    Automotive Solutions Greerton prides itself on providing an outstanding level of workmanship on all repairs and services for vehicles. Offering a new parts and labour guarantee for a 12 month period assures customers the utmost care is taken with not only repairs but with quality parts and components. Note: We discourage customers bringing in their own parts for fitting as a 12 months guarantee cannot be applied for parts supplied by customers.

    This gives our customers additional confidence in the safety and reliability of their vehicle.

    Estimates can be provided

    Need to watch your budget? We can provide accurate estimates for services we provide. Written estimates prepared by a professional service advisor who will help you understand the nature of your vehicle's needs, an accurate cost, and time of completion.

    No Surprise Billing

    You know up front what it will cost. We provide straight forward auto repair estimates and you are kept informed of any unforeseen problems or discoveries during the repair. All work and charges must be pre-approved by you. We guarantee no shocking surprises when you pick up your vehicle. 

    Warranty Maintenance Program

    We have a complete online profile of all vehicle maintenance service schedules. We can help you meet all manufacturer warranty maintenance requirements.

    Professionalism and integrity are at our core

    Automotive Solutions is a
    leading network of independent professional automotive repair centres
    throughout New Zealand, all dedicated to excellent standards of
    workmanship and service.
    Passion is the common denominator of all our repair centre's staff
    & management. A passion for all things automotive and a passion for
    going the extra mile. So next time your vehicle requires attention in an
    Automotive Solutions repair centre, you will find technicians with the
    knowledge & specialist equipment required for anything from routine maintenance to complex
    repairs & diagnostic work. Our technicians will provide you with best practice
    solutions to keep your vehicle running reliably.


    Engine carbon deposits have a measurable effect on performance, emissions and fuel economy. Routine carbon cleaning has been shown to prevent these problems, and remedial cleaning removes more severe deposits that have already formed.

    Using no harsh chemicals the treatment returns your engine to a state of cleanliness. You regain power and performance, restore lost MPG and drastically cut emissions.

    The machine acts to restore the optimum performance of your engine. Using hydrogen technology, carbon deposits are removed from the inner workings of the engine, which naturally build up during the lifetime of the vehicle.

    By removing unwanted carbon build up, further engine deterioration and damage can be avoided. This will keep your engine working more effectively and smoothly for longer, creating an enhanced driving experience.

    D and M couriers Tauranga

    With having a courier business, we drive over 400,000 km a year and have a fleet of vans we drive from Auckland to Gisborne 7 days a week.
    I popped into see Shayne as I had heard from my daughter that he had a new Hydrogen engine cleaning machine, and heard they were having amazing results with it as we are always looking at ways to save fuel and improve efficiency.    
    We booked it in and had it done.
    Straight out of the gate I noticed a difference. The van is much quieter with loads more power.
    The quietness really changed it the most for me and I’m so impressed with the enhanced performance that I brought another van of mine back on the same day to have the engine clean process carried out.
    WOW what an improvement!!!!
    Thanks Shayne, I’m very impressed with my experience at Automotive Solutions.
    More vans coming guys!
    David Hall

    2002 Diesel Mercedes Benz Camper

    While my Mercedes camper was in at Automotive Solutions having some repair work done, the boys were telling me about their new engine cleaning machine.
    After driving the camper to Auckland over the weekend I have noticed it is a lot quieter and smoother on the open road the revs have dropped and there is a real improvement in the fuel consumption.
    Overall, very happy, well worth it and would highly recommend having it done.
    Nick Andrew