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Getting your Auto Air Conditioning fixed

Automotive Solutions Greerton specialise in vehicle air-conditioning and heating

We're here to help:
  • if your vehicle air-conditioning and heating system isn't working properly – too hot or too cold
  • if your air-conditioning is noisy
  • if your air-conditioning or car interior is smelly
  • if your air-conditioning won't demist your windscreen
  • if your air-conditioning has an electrical fault that affects it's operation or performance
  • if your heater isn't working
  • if your engine is losing water
  • diagnosis
  • servicing
  • pollen filters
  • deodorisation
  • installation
  • repairs
  • electrical issues

If your air-conditioning stops working or loses efficiency, it doesn't just need gassing up.

If your air-conditioning stops working or loses efficiency, it doesn't just need gassing up.

Why: Some people believe that refrigerant is 'used up' by vehicle air-conditioning. This is a misconception. In fact, the air-conditioning unit in your car is a sealed system and the refrigerant circulates indefinitely. If your air-conditioning runs out of gas, there is a leak in the system. Gassing up the system without repairing the leak will eventually cause greater damage to your system, as well as being potentially harmful to the environment. This includes additional fuel associated with running an inefficient air-conditioning system working with increasingly lower levels of refrigerant until it either cuts out on a low pressure device or the compressor seizes

If your air-conditioning loses efficiency, get it checked immediately.

Why: If the system has lost gas it has also lost oil and the compressor may overheat, causing damage and possible failure.

Example of a used and a new Cabin Filter

The job of a cabin filter is to filter all harmful substances in the air that is entering the cabin from outside including dust, pollen and mold spores.

This picture is a classic example of a car that hasn’t been serviced regularly and is driving with a clogged cabin filter. The dirty filter affects the performance of your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system and causes weak air flow from the cabin vents. 

And remember, this is the air you and your passengers breathe!


There is a smell in my car, I think it is coming from my air-conditioning. What can be done about that?

If you think your car air-conditioning is causing a smell in your car, we recommend you bring your car into us for an air-conditioning and heating check.

Mention you're concerned your air-conditioning may be causing smells.

As part of the check, we'll look for the source of the odour. It may be your air-conditioning or heater causing the smell.

It could be refrigerant oil from a leaking evaporator or antifreeze for a leaking heater core. It may be mould from a blocked evaporator drain flooding the inside of your car, or fungus or debris on an externally blocked evaporator. It could be a blocked, contaminated pollen filter.

The smell could also be from something else unrelated to your air-conditioning such as a dead rat or mouse, so it's important your bring your car in for us to look at.

We'll tell you the repairs or servicing required to stop the smell, and any other work required to keep your air-conditioning and heating working well. We will give you an estimate of the cost.

We can't give you an estimate without seeing your car, as a visual inspection is needed to determine faults.

Repairs to stop smells in your air-conditioning and heating system may include the following:
Servicing, repairing or replacing pollen filters, evaporators and heater cores.

Deodorising the evaporator with air-conditioning disinfectant.
Deodorising the interior of the car with ozone.