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Engine Cleaning

Here at Automotive Solutions Greerton we are introducing Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Technology. 

Fuel Saving

With the prices of fuel rising, having a car run efficiently is very important! Get more km's to a tank with this cleaning process. Engine carbon deposit have a measurable effect on performance, emissions and fuel economy. Routine carbon cleaning has been shown to prevent these problems, and remedial cleaning removes more severe deposits that have already formed.

Better Performance

Removing carbon build up can revitalise your engine back to factory like condition as well as reducing harmful carbon emissions. ECC can eliminate lumpy idle and engine noise if caused by carbon build up.

Lower Emission

Reduce your vehicles harmful carbon emissions by up to 70%. Using no harsh chemicals, the treatment returns your engine to a state of cleanliness. You regain power and performance, restore lost MPG and drastically cut emissions. After treatment there is no need to change engine oil or any type of filter.

Engine cleaning is suitable for:

Cars, Bikes, Vans, Commercial Vehicles, Plant Machinery