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The importance of servicing your car

You love your car, right? It gives you the freedom to roam the streets and to get from point A to point B in a matter of minutes. It's your baby. But are you taking proper care of it? One of the most important services cars require is also one of the most neglected. Oil changes and oil filter replacements are vital for vehicle health and need to be performed on time, every time if you want your car to run its best and for many, many miles. Here are three of the top reasons to conduct regular oil changes.

Regulate Engine Temperature

Fresh engine oil is engineered to absorb heat, helping to reduce the temperature inside your engine. While the cooling system generally handles this task, it is necessary for the oil to be able to do this as it circulates through parts of the engine that coolant can't reach. As oil ages it loses its ability to reduce heat and can actually reflect it, increasing engine temperature and potentially causing overheating issues and other problems.

Remove Grime

As oil circulates through the engine it picks up dirt, dust and other contaminants that have made their way inside the engine. As it collects this gunk the oil itself becomes clumpy and the oil filter can become clogged, preventing proper oil flow. When old oil is drained all this gunk is removed and the filter is changed, restoring the oil's ability to circulate properly.


The most important reason to change your oil on time every time is to ensure that the moving parts of your engine are properly lubricated. Metal on metal contact can cause catastrophic engine damage that will result in expensive repairs or even the need for a replacement engine. Fresh oil prevents this from happening by creating a slick barrier between all the parts that move up and down and left and right!

Never put off an oil change. Your car depends on you for proper maintenance, no matter what you drive. If you need an oil change for your vehicle come see the professionals at Automotive Solutions Greerton. We can perform any auto repair or maintenance service for your European, German, British, or Japanese vehicle. Call us today to request an appointment for quality auto maintenance.

How often should my car be serviced?

There are numerous factors that should be considered when it comes to how often your car needs servicing.
The general rule for most vehicle types is twice per year, but if you're an especially frequent driver or sales rep , your car could benefit from more regular servicing.

The age of your car and type of fuel will influence the servicing time period. The older your car is the more often it will need servicing. Newer models under four years old often have a servicing period of 12 months.

There are various elements of your car that need checking, servicing and replacing at various points in the car's life and in the maintenance cycle.

Engine oil and the oil filter need to be changed at every service. Brake fluid, transmission fluid and coolant should also be checked at each service and replaced if required.

An example of what an engine looks like inside without regular servicing
An example of what an engine looks like inside without regular servicing

There is a lot you can do at home to make sure your car is in good condition to keep performing effectively:

  • Regularly check the oil and water in your car
  • Ensure the tyre tread is sufficient and the tyres are properly inflated
  • Never drive on bald or flat tyres.

You should have your air conditioning checked every two years.

If you start to notice a problem with your car, give us a call and get it checked out straight away. You will do more damage driving around with something wrong and ultimately it will cost you more and be a greater risk to your safety.

Automotive Solutions Greerton is a company you can trust for all your servicing needs.
We will give you good advice on how to get the best out of your vehicle. Don't be afraid to ask questions to get a better picture of what your car needs.

Regular servicing and check-ups will help ensure your car holds its value better and lasts longer.