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For those of you heading away these school holidays...

What can you do to prepare your car for a long trip?

Pre-holiday checklist

There are a number of essential checks that you should always undertake before a long holiday drive. These include:

Engine Oil Level – remember to check it on the flat with the engine cold

Radiator Coolant Level – never check when the engine is hot and never put cold water into a hot radiator

Tyre Tread and Pressure – good tyres will make your drive safer, legal and more economical too

Windscreen wash levels – use a good quality windscreen wash to help remove all those bugs from your windscreen

Last but not least make sure that your battery is fully charged and in good condition - We can test this and carry a full range of batteries here at our workshop.

If in doubt for any of the above, bring your vehicle into our friendly team and we can check for you.

Safe travels from the team at Automotive Solutions Greerton