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Car Service - Price does matter!

Did you know that there are HUGE differences in price for the same car service no matter where you are in NZ?

This poses some serious questions. WHY?

The workshop may charge cheaper for a service but this could possibly be due to not using systems that provide up to date manufacture service schedule data. Therefore not knowing what parts and checks are required for your vehicles service schedule and also using cheaper parts and oil that do not meet the manufactures specifications for that vehicle.

Where as a workshop that charges more for the exact same service is using accurate manufacture service schedule data and have quoted the entire job accordingly.

Workshops have also been found to use low pricing as a marketing tactic to drive you in the door, start the work and inform you of any additional work mid way through in the hope that you will authorise that work.

A particular service quoted for may require a timing belt change although the mechanic knows that whilst replacing the timing belt, it is good practice to change the water pump, tensioners and seals whilst this area of the engine has been dismantled. This additional work requires additional parts and labour but also increases the vehicles serviceability life cycle.

This reflects a lot about your mechanic so be careful!

Make sure you are asking... Does the oil meet the manufactures specifications and will it last the life of the service interval, and if anything goes wrong with the filter not doing its job properly will they stand by repairs to your engine.

We offer a 12 month warranty on repairs and there are no suprises when you come to pay.